Monday, February 6, 2012

Settlin' In

It's cold. Who knew? Yesterday, my husband and I strolled around the neighborhood while I wore flip-flops and capris and joked about getting a tan. It was only a partial joke as I really think I could have had some serious bronzing going on. Today, it's cold and rainy and our heat is running again. Global warming is no joke.

I'm currently trying to get in the mindset to read 20 papers on topics my students value. These are personal supported opinion essays where each student picks a topic about which he or she is passionate and then supports his or her opinion with research. I'm hoping some of them will be fun. Praying, is probably more accurate.

Speaking of praying, I've been spending my 20-minute trek to school in prayer and worship. It honestly seems like the absolute best start I could have to a day. This morning, I was listening to my David Crowder Band Church Music cd, and my favorite song touched my heart in the perfect way. Know that this song always moves me, but not in quite the way it did today...

Isn't it amazing that God would be jealous for someone like me? That love is amazing, and I am so unworthy...yet so very honored and grateful.

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  1. I love you Amy! You're so refreshing to hear from/about!